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Gun Hire

Gun hire is available on request for shooting on any Loyton Estate. We have a range of different shotguns, which we can offer subject to conditions. These are predominately over and under 12 and 20 gauge.

Please do get in contact if you require gun hire. Please contact -


Gun Storage

Guns can be stored at Loyton if required, in between sporting trips or for a longer period of time. Repairs for guns can also be arranged. Please do get in contact if you would like to store your guns.

This is subject to conditions so please contact -

Loyton is a Registered Firearms Dealer so we can buy or sell guns if required. We hold good relationships with our local dealers, as well as having access to a range of different manufacturers. If you are looking at replacing your shotgun or looking to make an addition, please do get in touch.



Loyton can supply cartridges if you require. These are all fibre wad, in line with our fibre wad only policy across all estates. We keep a range of gauges and cartridge sizes in store.

  • 12Bore: (65mm chamber) 30g 5 Shot & (70mm chamber) 32g 5 Shot & 32g 4 Shot

  • 20Bore: 28g 5 Shot

  • 28Bore: 25g 5 Shot

  • 16Bore: 28g 5 Shot

Each shoot keeps a stock in case of emergency on the day. If you know in advance your likely requirements, do let us know in good time so that we can ensure we have sufficient stock on the estate. Specific fibre wad cartridges can be sourced, at an additional cost.

For all cartridge enquiries for days shooting please contact: -


Visitors Shotgun Permits

If you require a visitor’s permit for coming to the UK with your guns, this can all be organised by the team at Loyton. This would require 6 weeks prior notice to your arrival so the permit can be granted. The permit is required when entering the UK with any firearm. At Loyton we can apply for the permit for you. Conditions will apply as well and additional fee, and additional information will be required in order for the application to be filed and submitted.

If you would like a Visitor Shotgun Permit please contact -